SUMMER interior element and ambience lamp


SUMMER interior element can be applied to partition like uses and it also works as a relief. The material used is sustainable and eco-friendly Grada birch plywood.

The concept consists interlocking units based on pentagon shape that can be gathered into different kind of entities by slipping a piece trough another. The anticlastic shape of the thin and very light pieces makes them durable and this also enables minimum use of material.

The technical construction of the relief and lamp is simple and to improve logistics the package of the artwork follows the size of one unit as pieces can be piled and fitted into a small space.

SUMMER leads to spatial experience and through the repetition of structures, the connection of multiple similar pieces, rhythm with small variations it creates a meditative atmosphere and impression of continuation of nature indoors.

My work is a study of techniques and materials, but also it observes the proportions of inner space and outside surface. The technique applied to pieces can be the same. What happens when the material or the size of the piece changes is the essential discovery, as well as how the used technique acts with the shape and structure of the piece. The use of material guides the process and feeling one’s way forward by hand is crucial.

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