Inni Pärnänen by Studio Metsä Photography

Inni Pärnänen, born in 1971, is a Helsinki based jewellery artist and designer. She has graduated as a goldsmith from Lahti Design Institute in 1995 and completed her Master’s Degree in the Department of Design of the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1998.

She has been designing a collection under her own name since the end of the 90´s and actively participates in exhibitions both in Finland and internationally.

The characteristic features in her works are three-dimensional structures created from simple geometric basis, with complex interior and innovative choices of materials. She often studies the integral qualities, stack ability, intertwining and the strength and functionality of anticlastic and honey comb-like structures.

Inni Pärnänen is primarily known as a jewellery designer and artist but she has been standing out in larger perspective as well. Her works can be found in many publications as well as in private and public collections.

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