PIILO – SHELTER Private Space is a convertible space divider. The basic idea is to create private calmful shelter like spaces for public areas and working spaces. The space divider consists of endlessly combinable 200 x 200 mm sized parts. Interlinking the parts creates a pattern, which reminds of herringbone and it looks as beautiful on both sides. As the material is translucent the light can change the atmosphere of the shelter.

PIILO – SHELTER can be packed in small box which is one-unit size pile of pieces.

PAPTIC® a unique and new material was used in PIILO-installation at Helsinki Design Weeks main exhibition in September 2020 at the newly renovated Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The material is mainly manufactured from sustainably sourced wood fiber, and it enables the replacement of less sustainable materials, such as plastic, in flexible packaging applications. PAPTIC® combines the versatility of plastics, the renewability and recyclability of paper, with the haptic properties of textiles

Installation PIILO is designed together with Marianne Huotari the material is provided by Paptic Oy and lasercutting by Merocap Oy

Photos by Anna Autio & Irene Sema

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