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The ceremonial gown of the Aalto University President

The Helsinki School of Economics, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology merged to form the Aalto University at the beginning of January 2010.

The official symbols of the university president the ceremonial gown and necklace were conferred on President Tuula Teeri at the opening ceremony for the new university at Finlandia Hall on 8 January 2010. These symbols represent many centuries of tradition. The University president uses these ceremonial emblems of her authority at festive academic occasions.

The designers of the ceremonial gown and necklace were chosen in a competition organized by the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The gown is designed by Inni Pärnänen and necklace by Saara Renvall. Their work represents a bold and inventive rethink of the tradition of these university symbols.

The basic idea behind the ceremonial gown of the president of Aalto University is structural minimalism. The flat pattern for the gown is a circle, which depicts unification, cooperation, continuity, strength and integrity. When worn, the hem of the gown forms the infinity symbol, portraying the limitlessness possibilities. The gown´s intakes create the shape of an aureole on the shoulders.

The materials of the gown have been chosen with the principles of sustainable development in mind and special attention was paid to their ergonomic characteristics. The woolen fabric – a renewable ecological material – is light and sweat-free and resistant to water and dirt. The lining is made of silk, a smooth, strong and breathing natural material.

The gowns colour scheme is simple and sober. Black and light grey provide a neutral backdrop for the ceremonial necklace.

Technical implementation: Sari Kivioja and Reetta Myllymäki

Aalto university Pins


Aalto University’s pins were designed in 2010 for the new university. The idea is that the common denominator of the merged universities, art, technology and economics is human. The round concave shape of the pin symbolizes the pressure of fingerprint. The pin is given from one person to another. The round shape also indicates unification and the glossy surface refers to the mirror as a symbol of interaction. The painted exclamation shouts out Aalto’s message

The pins were made in three categories, of which the steel version was intended for everyone: Aalto’s staff for students, and partners. The precious metal versions are silver and gold, of which gold is the principal’s pin.

The Marshall Stag of the School of Business


The design for Aalto University School of Business’s Marshall Stag is led by the historically significant architecture of the school’s former building in Helsinki and the character of its great hall. The decisive part is the color scheme and materials of the interior of the hall. The design for the stag is simple and modern. It is wooden and carved in one piece and the emblem of the School: the winged snake decorates the body of the stag. The cross section of the top is a diamond, a form repeated in the architecture of the building, e.g. in the railings of the balconies and in the patterning of the glass doors of the great hall. The material of the stag is domestic heat-treated alder. Thermal wood is a Finnish environmentally friendly innovation. The method affects the durability, weight and color of wood. The choice of material supports the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities of the emblem.

Technical implementation by fine carpenter Markku Tonttila

The Bracelet of the Maid of Mercury of the school of Business

The Conferment Ceremony for the School of Business is held every five years. During the ceremony new graduates and doctors are accepted ass full members of their scientific community. The three-day Conferment of Degrees begins with a garland weaving led by the Maid of Mercury for whom the university donates a bracelet especially designed for this occasion. The bracelet designed for the ceremony in 2011 takes inspiration from spring, youth and growth.

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